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You don’t have to deal with discomfort

Living with chronic pain can be exhausting. Constantly dealing with even low levels of pain can drain your energy and leave you feeling tired or moody. You can definitely survive living with chronic pain, but it can make it hard to thrive.

At Holland Chiropractic in Twin Falls, ID we believe you deserve to live a full and pain-free life! Our chiropractor, John Holland, is experienced in making this dream your reality.

Helping you live a pain-free life

You can learn to live with chronic pain and discomfort, but you don’t have to! At Holland Chiropractic, our chiropractor and team are dedicated to providing you with:


Quick, effective chiropractic care

As much as we love our customers, we want to make sure that you see noticeable results in as few visits as possible! We want to get you back to living pain-free as fast as we can, so we offer all types of chiropractic therapy, alignments, and adjustments. Learn more about what family chiropractic services we provide in Twin Falls, ID.

A friendly and relaxing environment

Our patient's comfort is our top priority, so all of our staff members work hard to create a calming and welcoming chiropractic environment safe for the whole family. We want to be sure you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in the door of our Twin Falls family chiropractor office!

Medication-free pain management

Chiropractic care can be an excellent alternative pain management tool! Schedule a consultation with our chiropractor in Twin Falls, Idaho to see if chiropractic care is right for you.

Finding the right chiropractor for you

There are a lot of chiropractic offices in Twin Falls, Idaho.
What makes Holland Chiropractic the best choice for you and your family?

With nearly 25 years of experience, Dr. John Holland is very knowledgeable about chiropractic care. He specializes in identifying and treating the root cause of your pain so you get fast and long-lasting results in as few treatments as possible. If you’re looking for an experienced, effective, and friendly chiropractor in Twin Falls, ID then Holland Chiropractic is the right choice for your family!

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Live a pain-free life

Why choose Holland Chiropractic?


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Friendly and compassionate chiropractic staff


Effective pain management strategies


See results in as little as a single chiropractor visit


25 years of chiropractic experience