Neck Back Injury

Do you suffer from neck or back pain? Living with chronic pain is awful. Considered the best chiropractor in Twin Falls, Dr. Holland has spent his entire career helping people just like you to enjoy a life without constant pain.

Are you experiencing difficulty turning your head due to a stiff neck?

Do you have a sharp or stabbing pain?

Are you feeling tenderness or soreness in your neck?

Do you have pain that radiates down into the shoulders, arms, or fingers; or up into the head? This is sometimes coupled with feeling tingles in parts of the body.

These are just a hand full of the types of pain we see in our patients. Neck pain can lead to problems lifting objects that once were easy. It can make you lose balance more often and challenge your coordination. In severe cases, it can even make walking difficult.
The neck, or cervical spine, provides support for and controls the mobility of the head. With an average weight of 11 pounds, your head is like a medium-sized bowling ball resting on a series of vertebrae. Nerve roots extend from the spinal cord, so a misaligned spine is capable of causing all sorts of neck and back pain.

Back pain often times shares many of the same roots as neck pain. Back pain can include pain the lower back, middle back, or lower back issues with sciatica. Arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and nerve and muscular problems can all result in back pain.
Some symptoms of back pain include:

• Dull or achy pain that is contained to the low back,
• Feeling a burning or stinging pain that moves from your lower back to the hamstrings, sometimes into the lower legs or feet,
• It can include numbness or tingling through the legs, arms, fingers, and feet,
• Tightness and/or muscle spasms in the hips, lower back, and pelvis,
• Pain from prolonged sitting or standing that gets worse,
• Problems walking, standing up straight, or moving between sitting and standing.

We also treat acute pain, subacute lower back pain, and chronic back pain. Acute pain typically comes from an event, such as injury to the body. Acute pain is typically temporary, lasting days, or at most, a few weeks. Subacute lower back pain typically lasts from 6 weeks to 3 months and can limit the patient’s ability to participate in the daily activities of life. Any pain lasting longer than 3 months is considered chronic. The pain is usually severe, and it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible to diagnose the problem and being treatment.

Chiropractors focus on the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders. They emphasize manual adjustments of the spine as a treatment for many ailments, including neck and back injury. Chiropractors help patients reduce and treat pain, along with improve functionality. The best chiropractors also stress the importance of exercise, ergonomics, and other therapies to treat back and neck pain.

No two patients are the same, and neither is the treatment. We provide a free consultation to our patients, which allows us to diagnose each patient individually and prescribe a treatment that will achieve the results you desire.

Whether you hurt yourself in a major accident or a minor slip up, we can help. Stop living with the pain, and start living the life you deserve!

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