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Sports are America’s favorite past time. For many of us, it is a lifelong passion that begins in childhood and continues through our adult lives. As such, treating sports injuries is an important aspect of our practice. Dr. Holland Chiropractic and Rehab is a Twin Falls chiropractor focused on getting you from the injured list back into the starting lineup.

Each year, roughly 30 million children and teens take part in some form of organized sports. More than 3 million injuries that limit ongoing participation in these sports gets reported annually. In fact, nearly one third of all injuries experienced in childhood are sports related.

As children, our bodies tend to recover and heal from injuries in short amounts of time. As adults, those injuries can take much longer to heal, and often need the help of a medical professional. We don’t recommend “just walking it off” like your coach may have told you when you were younger.

As our culture values adult physical fitness more and more, the injuries among people over 25 are growing. Men over 25 years old are most likely to get injured from riding a bike, or playing basketball, football, baseball, softball or soccer. Adult women are most likely to get injured from playing softball and bicycling.

The seven most common sports injuries are:

  • Ankle sprains,
  • Groin pulls/ injuries,
  • Hamstring strains/ injuries,
  • Shin splints,
  • Knee injuries, such as tearing an ACL,
  • Kneecap injuries from repeated movements,
  • Tennis elbow.

If you’re active in sports and physical activity, chances are you have experienced at least one of these. From professional athletes to weekend warriors, athletes push their bodies to perform at above average levels. Injury is inevitable. It is important to have a doctor that can choose a full range of solutions to heal you, not just surgery.

Most sports injuries are caused by poor training methods. One such example is a lack of emphasis placed on warming up the muscles and stretching. Weakness in muscles, tendons, ligaments, and structural abnormalities can also cause sports related injuries.

We always promote prevention of injuries. As such, we advise following a few steps to keep healthy. First, be sure to wear protective gear for your sport. This can include wearing helmets, protective pads, and any other safety gear for your sport of choice. Make sure you take time to warm up your muscles before the activity. It is equally important to cool down after extreme activity.  Also, don’t play while injured. This goes without saying, but you are far more likely to make matters worse if you play while injured.

When you have a sports injury, call Dr. Holland. He and his team are trained to assess your injury and prescribe a treatment program. They want to get you back in the game as soon as possible. Some injuries require surgery. That will be very apparent once we take an x-ray of the hurt region. However, if you have an injury that can be treated through non-invasive measures, we are the number one choice in Twin Falls, ID for chiropractic help.

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